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My goal as a licensed clinical social worker is to decrease the stigma in mental health by allowing clients to be their authentic selves by discussing their past setbacks or traumas to create new realities. Simply put, I focus on how social, economic, and environmental factors affect the overall mental and physical well-being of individuals. I specialize in providing mental health therapy for children(ages 5+), adolescents/teens, young adults, and person of color. Whether you have recurrent symptoms or suffering from mental, behavioral, and other emotional issues I am here to help. I work with individuals experiencing various symptoms related to but not limited to anxiety/stress, self-esteem/body-image issues, depression/lack of motivation, emotional dysregulation, significant life changes, familial, friend, or romantic relationship issues, grief, and/or trauma.

Private Pay Fees as of January 1, 2023

*Fees are reviewed annually. If my fees change at any point in the future, I will provide 60 days notice of any changes.

Currently accepted insurances:

Aetna: Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee

Cigna: Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee

Optum: (United Healthcare, Oscar, and Oxford): Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

Compsych EAP: Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee

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Paying it Forward

Keyanna would like to provide pre-licensed clinicians with support on their journey to becoming licensed. She remembers how difficult it was to navigate the how's and why's of being an effective clinician.

Clinical supervision's purpose is to promote the growth and development new clinicians that will ultimately protect the welfare of clients, build rapport, and strengthen a therapeutic alliance.

Coming Soon!

Group Therapy (60-90 minutes)- varies per group

Private Pay Fee

Credit Card or HSA Card

Group therapy involves several individuals working together on mental health issues (depression, anxiety, social skills/relationship building, and more) that they have in common. The group will consistent of multiple individuals (typically 5-7). Keyanna will faciliate the groups and ensure a safe and confidential environment in which members can share and collaborate.
Many topics discussed will be similar to what is discussed in individual therapy. Groups will offer some unique benefits, such as assisting clients who experience anxiety in social interactions and communication.
Keyanna will carefully select group members for each group to protect your privacy and anonymity.

Coming Soon!

Family Session (60 minutes)- $175
Couples session: TBD
Private Pay Fee
Credit Card or HSA Card

In family sessions, we’ll work to help the family regain trust, and effective and loving communication. This is critically important for members to be able to rely upon each other and function as a healthy unit. The Positive Method therapist will meet with the entire family to help them talk through the difficulties and learn to express themselves in a healthy manner.

$150 Clinical Intake Session: 60-90 mins

$140/session: 50 min session

$130/session: 45 min session

Private Pay Fee

Credit Card or HSA Card

Work with Keyanna one-on-one in a safe, comfortable, and private setting. Sessions can focus on many important issues including (but not limited to) stress, anger, grief or conflict, family, or self. This can be short or long-term but the frequency of treatment depends on the individual’s situation and the recommendations of the therapist. Whatever the issue may be, therapy can be very beneficial in feeling a sense of relief related to overall health. Schedule an appointment today and see what I can do for you.

15-minute Consultation: $15

It’s normal to feel nervous about starting your therapy journey. If this is you, Keyanna offers a 15-minute consultation call or video session to gather basic information about your mental health history and current concerns, answer any questions you have about services, and to provide recommendations for specific services that may be helpful in addressing your concerns.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please let us know so you can connect with a crisis counselor or service as soon as possible.

Here For You

New, former, and current clients of Fostering Resilience may log in below to request or schedule a tele-therapy appointment, access billing documents, view scheduled appointments, complete documentation, or upload requested information.

Client portal will allow clients to also send Keyanna a message.

Fostering Resilience is an online mental health provider. Services provided include individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy to address a variety of mental health needs. Fostering Resilience does not specialize in the treatment of chronic substance abuse and addiction or active psychosis.

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